What is the Quick Reference Table?

A quick reference table next to each course description will help you plan your education. At a glance, you will see the duration of the seminar, number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Certified Reliability Professional (CRP) program credits you will earn and other useful details, including:

Duration: X days
CEUs: X.X CRP Credits: X
Course Prerequisites
  • X123
Assumes Basic Knowledge Of
  • X Concept
Recommended Prior Course(s)
  • X234
Alternative/Similar Course(s)
  • Y345
Next Recommended Course
  • X567
Software Used
  • Primary: X Software
  • Supplemental:
    X Other Applications
  • Course Prerequisites and Assumed Basic Knowledge: ReliaSoft’s seminars build upon and complement each other to provide the balanced skill set that every reliability engineer deserves. This section will list specific ReliaSoft courses that are prerequisites for a seminar. Additionally, a course may assume a level of existing basic knowledge needed to fully benefit from the course. It is important to emphasize that courses with prerequisites leverage upon the assumed knowledge, and instructors will not backtrack to cover prerequisite material.
  • Recommended Prior Course(s): These courses are not prerequisites, but rather are courses that present related material that can enhance the learning experience of the attendee. ReliaSoft recommends taking these courses to understand the full scope of the material.
  • Alternative/Similar Course(s): These courses are courses offered by ReliaSoft that have content akin to the given seminar but not necessarily the same focus.
  • Next Recommended Course: This course is ReliaSoft’s suggestion for how best to continue your reliability education.
  • Software Used: Applications identified as Primary include a software usage and familiarization portion, while software identified as Supplemental include instruction on only the functionality deemed necessary for accomplishing the tasks presented in that course.