Duration: 2 days
Course Prerequisites
Assumes Basic Knowledge Of
  • Reliability Engineering
    Methods and Concepts
Recommended Prior Course(s)
Alternative/Similar Course(s)
  • N/A
Next Recommended Course
  • Any course based on interest
Software Used
  • Primary: RBI
  • Supplemental: N/A

Computer Required for Course
Prepare your laptop for the seminar, and familiarize yourself with the software.

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M485 - RBI Overview and Application

M485 provides an introduction to risk based inspection analysis based on API RP 580/581, with an emphasis on applying ReliaSoft’s RBI software for both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

M485 presents concepts and software tools that you could use to help your organization:

  • Understand how risk based inspection can be more efficient in terms of both safety and cost.
  • Apply risk based inspection analysis by either qualitative or quantitative analysis.

Course Outline

Introduction to Risk

  • Theory on Risk
  • API 580/581
    • History of 580/581
    • Approaches to RBI
    • Benefits of RBI

Building a Project/System Hierarchy in RBI Software

  • Equipment and component selection
  • Organization of the system hierarchy
  • Initial property fields

Qualitative Analysis

  • Risk discovery ratings
  • Customization of the qualitative fields
  • Brief introduction into qualitative analysis using FMEA structure based on API RP 580

Quantitative Analysis

  • Probability of Failure
    • General failure frequency
    • Management systems factor
    • Overall damage factor
      • Individual damage factors (mechanisms)
      • Inspection effectiveness
    • Generated probability of failure model
  • Consequence of Failure (Level 1 Analysis)
    • Area consequence
      • Area of effect for equipment
      • Area of effect for personnel
    • Financial Consequence
      • Cost of equipment
      • Cost of injury
      • Cost of production loss
      • Cost to environment
    • Risk Analysis
      • Calculation of risk
      • Risk categories
      • Recommended inspection(s)
    • Reports

Special Cases

  • Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle
    • Probability of failure model
    • Recommended inspection
    • Optimum replacement w/o repair
  • Pressure Relief Device
    • Protected component(s)
    • Failure on demand and leakage
    • Overpressure demand and consequence

Case Studies / Hands-on Practice with the RBI Software

  • Atmospheric Tank Bottom
  • Pressurized Reactor